Sunday, November 22, 2009

Revenge of the Gallbladder

When I was pregnant with Max. I would get pains in my upper stomach below the breast. Sometimes it would radiate into my back, Or the left side. I thought it was because Max was always kicking me in that area.
After I had Max I continued to have pain. Sometimes I would wake up at night and be in a lot of pain. I really needed to go to the doctor and never did. Sometimes, us moms never seem to take care of ourselves. Please go to the doctor if you're having these kinds pains. Or you could have the terrible experience I had.
Monday night, November 9th at about 10:00pm I started having the most excruciating pain. I couldn't even breath. It was terrible! I told Shaun he needed to take me to the emergency room. You think if your going to be taken to the emergency in this much pain that your going to be helped.
I was wrong! I think I lost faith a little bit in humanity that night. It was an awful experience. Where is the CARE in Health care? They could see I was in so much pain and it was like they were robots. Programed to ask you the questions and then put you to the side until someone can get a moment to see you. I could barely answer the questions. The pain was so INTENSE! The nurse just stared at her computer and said in a rude tone, " I can't hear you." ARE YOU SERIOUS!! The people at the front desk, The nurse, The doctor, All of them thought it was my gallbladder. It still took forever to get the care I needed. Shaun got very heated a couple of times with them. It was awful!! He could see I was in so much pain and no one seemed to CARE.
It took forever for them to finally give me something for the pain. (Morphine and Toradol)
I realize they are dealing with a lot and see a lot of horrible things. I'm still a human bean. We cannot become so desensitized that we lose all compassion.
Even after they did the ultrasound and saw that it was my Gallbladder. They stuck me back in a waiting room, heavily drugged and extremely exhausted. To sit and wait in a chair. NO BED.
They finally gave me a bed to lie down in. Then I had to wait some more. We finally got to go home with a diagnosis of Gallstones. They gave me a prescription for pain meds and told me to follow up with a surgeon to have my gallbladder taken out. We got home at 4:00am.
I just want to forget the whole ordeal. It really was a HORRIBLE experience. The system needs work! AND government wants to take over Health Care? BAD IDEA!!! It would be even worse.
Thank you to Lindsey, Our neighbor, For taking care of Max for the night.
When we called the surgeon. She couldn't see us until next Tuesday. She would be in surgery all week. I ended up calling the doctors office Thursday because the area was still having pain even with the pain medications. The doctor said she would see me in between surgery. Her office called me when she was done with surgery. We hustled down to meet her before she had to go back into surgery. I was so THANKFUL for doctor Butler.
She said the stones were probably blocking the way of the bile and it's really inflamed. She said she would see if she could schedule to take it out the next day! When she got back to the hospital she would look up my ultrasound and give me a call if she could take my Gallbladder out.
She called us back and we were scheduled for surgery at 11:00am the next day! We needed to be at the hospital at 9:00am. I'm so thankful we were able to schedule the surgery so soon. I needed to get back to normal and take care of Max. No more revenge of the Gallbladder.
When I came out of surgery I felt really good. I felt better then I've ever felt coming out of surgery. I've been recovering. Thanks to pain meds. Which I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with. I'm now fine with out them. I hate recovering. I'm not a patient person about it.
I love feeling back to normal.

***When I was in the emergency room in the worst pain. A guy comes in and wants to have his cast taken off his leg. He travels around and it was time for it to be taken off. That's part of the problem! You don't go to the emergency room for something as stupid as that!! I was beyond annoyed about it!***

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