Sunday, November 22, 2009

A service project

This is a picture of my beautiful niece Elle. She was born with a cleft palate. The poor thing has been through a lot in her short life. She has a lot of surgeries ahead of her.
48 hours after she was born she had to have a sleep study done. My sister in law Amy went home to shower and get some much needed rest. When she came back to the hospital (Primary children's medical center in Utah) She found the nurses had bathed baby Elle and put this cute blue bow on her head.
Upon asking about the bow she found out that the bows are donated by a family who was grieving the loss of their little one. This really touched me as it did my sister in law Amy. That little bow had a lot of meaning behind it. She made a request on her blog to help make and donate the bows to the hospital.
I'm all over doing this. If you would like to get together and make the bows with me. I would love that! Especially, because I'm not the best bow maker. :) I could use some help.
I want to come up with an idea for little baby boys too! I'm going to be brain storming. Give me any ideas if you have some. That's my new goal.
You could do this for a church activity or with your family. Then send them to:
Primary Children's Medical Center
Attention: Marie Hendrikson
Salt Lake City, UT 84158-0249
Or you could add some special touches to your own local children's hospital. I love the idea. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! Let's honor that grieving family and all grieving families who have children born with complications. :)
Even when I had Max and he had to be taken from my room and stay in the nursery because of his jaundice. It broke my heart! It was really emotional for me. I wanted my baby to stay with me. I can't even imagine the pain or heartache some people have to go through with their little precious angels.
Who has some ribbon? Let's get started!


bids2calvin said...
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Tiffany Serfustini said...

I have a friend that does this for local hospitals. She started it after he son died last year. Check it out. I know that they put together a lot of different items so I am sure that they is something we can do. Check out: for something local.