Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In love with the vacuum

Max is in love with the vacuum. He's loved it ever since he was born. It's the funniest thing.
When he was a newborn and he would cry. We would turn on the vacuum and he would instantly stop crying. I think when Max was left with daddy the vacuum got used more for this purpose then it did for actually vacuuming the floor.
I would tease Shaun and tell him I don't want to come home and find Max in his room with the vacuum going at a stand still.
Now when I pull out the vacuum he goes crazy with delight. I mean bouncing up and down and squealing. It's hilarious!! I make sure that I get really close to him with the vacuum to make his day! You should see the excitement on his face! His little body shows it's appreciation by bouncing up and down and throwing his arms and legs every where.
When my sister in law has watched Max. She says she has to turn the vacuum on to get him to eat and to go to sleep! He needs the comfort of the vacuum I guess.
I'm thinking that I might just never tell him that it's really a chore. Is that wrong? For instance, "Max, If you're finished with picking up your toys you can PLAY with the vacuum. It likes to be pushed back and forth in straight lines and it doesn't like to miss any spots." ;)
Max also loves to crawl. He is now in full crawling mode. He likes to get into everything! Who new there was so much to learn, explore, and get into. Even in your own living room. ;)
He also has MORE teeth coming in. He had his bottom two teeth and his top two teeth all come in October. Now he has two more teeth coming in on the top. Teething is NOT fun at our house. They sure look adorable on him though.


bids2calvin said...

Do you remember Calvin's love affair with the vacuum? He got his very own when he was about two and I have video of him jumping up and down clapping as if it was the greatest thing in the world. He has figured out that it is work though. Bummer.

Chance's Mom said...

Maybe you could just give him a vacuum for Christmas. I bet Santa doesn't get many requests for those, so your request shouldn't be difficult, even though it is getting close to Christmas:)
By the way, I want to see pictures of the jumping and hand waving:)

shaunandammie said...

I think Max will be getting a vacuum of his own sometime. To bad Calvin figured it out as work.
I do need to catch his excitement on video. It's so funny!!

Kelley M. said...

Auntie Kel is REALLY grateful for HER Dyson especially when she needs to feed baby Max at her house - it's the only thing to soothe him. SO much for sharing a quiet jug together - hahah. But we do whatever works, because we LOVE him!