Thursday, December 24, 2009

Good or bad dogs?

Shaun and I received a plate of cookies from our friends. They were Delicious. At least the 3 of the ones I ate. ( They were only bite sized.)

I resisted eating the whole plate of yummy goodness. Because I'm doing the biggest loser contest. I'm trying not to over indulge.

The next day. I went out to the store. When I came home. All that was left was the plate and Saran wrap. The plate was completely wiped clean, Or licked clean. I had mistakenly left the plate too close to the edge of the table. My two canine beasts, couldn't resist the yummy goodness. Because they know that this is bad to do. I had to punish them and kick them outside. Or put them in, What we call the "penalty box" Which is Shaun's office. I'm sure they have no idea why I was yelling and stomping them out the door, While waving this plate up and down in my hand.

What do you think? Are they good dogs for doing this? Or are they bad dogs? I think their both.

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Anonymous said...

Oh can they really be bad there soooo fun! And at least the most likley shared!(bids)