Thursday, December 24, 2009

The M&M dilemma

For some neighbors and friends. I made some bags filled with pretzels and red and green M&M's. I rolled up a story on pretzels like a scroll and wrapped it all with a red bow. (see post below for pretzel story.)

While I was making the bags. I ran out of M&M's. While I was gone. Shaun went and got more M&M's. He then made up the bags. With scroll and bow. I was impressed. Until I came home and what do I find in the bags? REGULAR colored M&M's. Ahhhhhh! The horror of it! Why would you get regular colored M&M's? When you can and green M&M's.......everywhere!! Why do men have no festive sense? I'm almost tempted to write a note with the bags that have regular colored M&M's. That would read, "Sorry the M&M's are the regular colored ones. I realize that you can buy the festive, Christmas colored M&M's everywhere. It's Shaun's fault." ;)


Sankat said...

haha, Stuart would do this too. I just pick out the red and green ones from the regular bag :p

Megan said...

Let me tell you, that would have ticked me off!!!!!

Chance's Mom said...

Just a friendly reminder...I'm sure you just overlooked it in the holiday rush, but we did not get a bag with plain or Christmas M&M's.