Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zoo lights

Shaun, Max, and I went to see the zoo lights at the Phoenix zoo. Shaun was really disappointed. He thought the animals were going to be out. The only real animals we saw were a camel, zebra, and an otter. We did see a whole bunch of animals lit up through out the park. It was cute. If Max was older. He would really have enjoyed seeing all the animals lit up. It was a fun night out.
Here's some pictures of some of the animals. The pictures aren't the best. Enjoy!

Monkeys in the trees

One of the REAL animals. They were giving camel rides.

I had to put Max in his Zaney Zebra sweat shirt for the occasion. I'm weird like that. I also made his knitted hat. I really enjoy making them for him.

Max was more into dad's hat then the lights.
I love Christmas time.

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