Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phrase of the week

This past week. I found myself saying, "When will you be coming home?" To Shaun a lot. Shaun has started his Masters program. It's a 3 year program in counseling. This last week Shaun has been working on a group project. He was meeting with his group almost every night. One night he didn't get home until 1:00am. They gave their presentation on Tuesday. I'm glad it's over. And Shaun is really glad it's over. Graduate programs are a lot of work.
I tease him that I might just be his first costumer after all this. I might need some counseling.
I'm really impressed with Shaun and his ability to do all this with such a great attitude. Because as for myself, I'm a stress case. So I would not be handling things as well as he does.
Shaun has been working 50 hours a week plus the immense amount of work for his masters.
And be a husband and father. He does all of this really well. I'm amazed at how well he's been able to juggle all this. Again, If it were me, I would be a mess with stress!
I do love to hear about the things he's learning. It's all really interesting. I think Shaun would be an outstanding counselor. He really is a great listener with a lot of wisdom and empathy. I hope the work doesn't get to be too much. Or be to emotionally draining. Some of the case studies are really had to hear. We defiantly live in a fallen world. But, As Shaun and I like to say, "At least your trying to help and do something to help mend things."
So the phrase of the week is, "When will you be coming home?"


Chance's Mom said...

Way to go Shaun! Hang in there Ammie:)

Anonymous said...

That's what I say to my dad,He's never home.(Sigh) Bids