Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A date with my mate

Shaun and I had a date. Alone. It was awesome! Saturday night, Shaun got a babysitter for Max and we went out. Did I mention it was just the two of us? Alone. We went out to eat and we talked. What did we talk about? Anything and everything.......except......we could not talk about any worries or problems. We were out to have a good time.......together......alone.
We went to Riverview and decided to try out Toby Keith's bar and grill. It had some interesting things on the menu. Fried macaroni and cheese balls and.................Deep fried Twinkies!! It sounded so disgusting to me. Shaun thought he had died and gone to heaven. He once told me he wanted to get a deep fryer. Gross. We laughed. It was fun. About the deep fryer. I told Shaun that Max and I wanted him around for a long time. No deep fryer.
After dinner, We walked around outside. Passing shops and going into some. Holding hands and talking. It was a little chilly, So I ended up holding on to Shaun's arm and snuggling myself close to him. It was nice.
Then we saw a beautiful Clydesdale horse pulling a sleigh with no other then Santa Claus aboard. It made me smile. I loved it. They were giving free rides. The sound of the horse trotting up and down the street and hearing Santa ask the kids riding with him, What they wanted for Christmas. Made me smile even wider. It all invoked such great memories and warmth. I snuggled Shaun even tighter. It was a really great night.
We've decided that no matter what. We have to do this at least once a week. A date with my mate. Alone. (insert BIG smile)

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Chance's Mom said...

I am glad the two of you got out and had a good time!