Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve & Christmas

On Christmas Eve we went to my Brother Andrew's house.

We had a great dinner and a great time.

Drew and Katee invited Ruby. She's an 81 year old widow. She was hilarious! She's from Mississippi. She's sweet and also feisty! It was fun having her with us. She made me laugh.

We had a spiritual message. It was very beautiful and heart warming. Then we opened one present. I opened a present from my sister Taunya. Thanks Taun! Drew also gave me a picture of himself doing Nacho Libra. It was so funny! He signed it with, "These are my recreational pants."

Max with his presents Christmas morning. ( At the bottom of this post is a video of Max's first Christmas morning.)

Our neighbors invited us over for a wonderful Christmas breakfast. Here's the kids waiting to start eating.

Then we headed down to Shaun's brothers house. Here we are getting ready for our brunch. It was delicious.

Max with his cousins. He was loving all the Christmas presents Santa had left for his cousins. He had fun playing with them.

Then we opened more presents. All for the kids. The adults decided instead of buying presents for each other. We would all go out for a nice dinner and a movie. On the 21st we all went to The Keg and then the movie, The blind side. It was a really fun night out.
My mother and father in law still bought us presents. It was really sweet of them. Shaun and I now have a date night planned for the Olive Garden. Thanks Dick and Marge for the gift card.

After all the fun and the great time we had being together. This is where we found Ireland. Fast asleep on the tile floor. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I know I had a great time being with family and friends. I wish I could have also been with my family in Utah. Love you!

I caught Shaun on tape saying, " Who is this from, My mom and dad or your mom and dad." Because the present said, "To Max from mom and dad. " I had to correct him laughing. "Form Max's mom and dad!" (ha, ha) You'll also have to excuse my annoying baby voice! Now that I've heard how bad it is on tape. I'll be working on it! :)

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