Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's a Birthday/Holiday thing

My Birthday is May 31st. Which happens to land this year on Memorial Day. Now and again it falls on this day, or somewhere during the Memorial Day weekend. Although we are remembering all those who died to protect this wonderful FREE country. I'm happy to share by Birthday with them!
Shaun's Birthday is Sept. 4th. Which occasionally lands on the Labor Day Holiday. Or is within that Holiday weekend.
Max's Birthday is April 10th. He was born on Good Friday. Which is the Friday before Easter. I'm sure his Birthday will occasionally land on Good Friday, Easter, or the Easter weekend.

I get to kick off the summer with my Birthday. Then we end summer with Shaun's Birthday. (in most places, Arizona not so much. ;) And Max started a whole new and improved kick off to our lives. :)
I do love Birthdays and I do love Holidays! Shaun also asked me to marry him on New Year's. Right after the ball dropped on New Year's Eve.
Now the pressure is on for the next person to join our family. Will they also fall on a Holiday weekend? Here's some Holidays that would be good and some that would be not so good, and some maybes.

The good:
Presidents Day (celebrating with good company)
St. Patricks Day (how lucky)
The 4th of July (you would think the fireworks were especially for you!)
July 24th (Utah Holiday, Pioneer Day) Karl Malone who played for the Utah Jazz. His Birthday was July 24th. When he first came to Utah he thought the parade was for him! Funny.
New Years Day (What a great day to start the year)

The bad:
Valentine's Day
Halloween (now I do love Halloween! But to share your Birthday with witches, vampires, ghost and ghouls? I could do some really fun Halloween/Birthday parties. I do get into Halloween)
Christmas (You just can't compete with Christmas)

The Maybes:
Thanksgiving (This is debatable)

Can you think of anymore?
No matter when the Birthday of the next person to join our family is. It will be like our own family Holiday and we will be celebrating it!! :)
We have a Birthday/Holiday thing going.


Chance's Mom said...

Aubrey would just like to let you know that she takes exception to the Valentine's Day birthday black out. She LOVES having her b-day on V-day.
Other than that, it was a good post:)

shaunandammie said...

I did think of Aubrey. I was thinking more for a boy. They might not like to have there b-day on Valentines. Or what if your friends where all out on dates and you didn't have a date so now you don't have a date and it's your b-day. It could be complicated. ;) lol.
I guess it really could be in the maybe slot. I'm sure being younger it would be awesome.
although, Aubrey will not have to worry about not being spoiled on Valentines Day/Birthday. She's going to have too many boys liking her! You better get ready!

Tori said...

We have holiday birthdays over here too. Dec 20th...Caroline used to think that the whole 5 days was one big party just for her. Abby is Nov 27 so Thanksgiving or that weekend!! It takes creativity when they are that close to the BIG ones!!!

Kelley M. said...

what are your thoughts on 12/31??? :)

shaunandammie said...

12/31 or New Year's Eve would be a good one! :)

Richins said...

Happy Happy (belated) Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

shaunandammie said...

Thanks Kami!!! :)