Friday, May 28, 2010

A couple of things I learned today

The first thing I learned today is; You have to set your child free to do things on their own and they will surprise you. Also, when your hovering over them they will always use you as a crutch when they really don't need to.
I came to this conclusion today while Max and I where at the park. We've been going a lot to a certain park that we love. It's shaded and secluded. Which helps with what Max likes to do. He loves to climb up the stairs and up the slide. Then slide down the slide with a huge smile on his face and he even lets out a few giggles. This has worried me because he could easily fall over the side. There's not a lot of protection from the side of the slide or the side of the stairs. Because of this, I have been helping him here and there or standing next to him as he makes his way up the stairs or slide.
He had a hard time getting all the way up the slide a couple times. He would slip and slide back down, or seeing me there next to the slide, he would reach for me to help him. After he had some practice he was able to go all the way up by himself.
I still would stand next to him because I didn't feel like he was all the way staple and I wanted to be there just in case.
Well, because I was always standing right next to him. He would start to reach for me to help him the rest of the way. Even though I had seen him do it by himself many times. so today, I sat in the chair that I brought and I decided I was going to let him do it all by himself. This was hard to do at first. I was watching him like a hawk and practically sitting on the edge of my chair ready to pounce at any sign of wobbling on Max's part.
To my surprise, He climbed up the stairs and the slide over and over again without any hesitation, very stable and sure of himself. He then would slide down the slide over and over again. All by himself. I still couldn't keep my eyes off him and every muscle in my body was at the ready to jump up and save him if need be. It was so fun to see him climb up to the top and then turn and look at me for admiration as if to say, "look what I did mom!"
Then he would go down the slide on his tummy with his feet first and his knees bent up under him. It was so cute to watch. It was a great accomplishment.

I also learned today that I have an evil side. That's right people. Let me explain. When we go to the park I bring some fun sand toys for Max to play with. Other kids always want to play with them too. Which is fine and I have no problem with them doing so. It's good for Max to learn to share his things.
Today there was just Max and another little boy. This boy wanted to take all of Max's toys and then not let Max play with any of them. He would yell at Max if he tried to play with the toys. His mom would tell him to share and to stop it. Well, the boy kept on doing this. Then he would throw sand at Max. I was very calm and realize kids will be kids.
Then the other mom pulled out a brand new motorcycle for the little boy. While she tried to get it out of the box. The little boy kept grabbing all of Max toys and throwing them around angrily.
The other mom gave him his new toy and he buried it somewhere and then couldn't find it. The mom tried to help him and they couldn't find it. When it was time for them to leave the boy started throwing a fit and started throwing sand everywhere and getting it all over Max and in his eyes, then grabbing Max's toys and throwing them everywhere.
Then the mom told him they would go get him another toy. What?! after he's been acting like this!? Now, I'm pretty understanding when it comes to kids. Max has his naughty moments. but this kid was being really mean and nasty the whole time he was there.
They left with the mom having to bribe the kid with more toys.
Here's where the story gets good. I decided that I would try to look for the toy motorcycle. I looked with no success. Then as we were about to leave I decided to look one last time. Wall-la! I found it! So you know what I did? I put it in our bag and brought it home! We got that kid in the end! (insert evil witch laugh) I know it was wrong but I found a little pleasure in it. Naughty me! good thing Max is too young to know of my evil doings!
Max is now the new owner of a green and gold motorcycle. It's about 6 inches long and 2 1/2 inches high and can easily get lost in the sand. ;)


Chance's Mom said...

I know the lady who owned that motorcycle and I am telling her where you live.

Ok, I won't this one time but if it happens again.......

shaunandammie said...

You can't rat out your sister! ;) although, I do feel bad for taking the toy! I'm so naughty!

Katie said...

That is hilarious! Truth be told, I would have done the same thing.

Kelley M. said...

fuuunnnyy!!! I just re-read to Tim - he said, is that "other" boy named Beauwin??? ahahaha Although he luckily never resorted to fit & sand throwing - or I would've kicked his FANNY ;) xoxo

shaunandammie said...

Katie- We had a great time with you guys on Saturday! We'll have to get together again. Now I can view your blog. :)

shaunandammie said...

hahah! The other boy was not Beauwin! haha!