Thursday, June 3, 2010

flower beds/phrase of the week

Shaun put together some flower boxes to go below our front windows. I love them! It's been such a joy to water the flowers everyday. I didn't know I would enjoy doing this so much. It's so rewarding to see new flowers bloom over and over again. Sometimes it feels like a whole new planter box with the new blooms that come and go. We've had them for about 3 months now. I'm worried about them for the summer. It will be sad to see them wither from the scorching sun. *sigh*

In our front flower garden. We have these 3 bushes that bloom annually. They started to get really bushy and over grown. I have been plucking the flowers and trimming with my hands.

One day I was at the Hobby Lobby and saw these adorable flower shears. I bought them.

I'm blaming them for what I'm about to tell you. I don't know what happen. Maybe the sun was too hot. Maybe I was just so excited to use my new shears. Maybe it's because I'm not a very patient person.
I started to trim the overly grown bushes. There's 3 of them. For some reason I must have had an issue with the middle one. I started to trim and just kept cutting and cutting. Even accidentally trimming the perfectly fine areas. There was a whole lot of dead branches under neath. In my attempt to get at them I would end up cutting big chucks of bushy leaves off. It all just become a blur!
This is where the phrase of the week comes in, "the bonsai tree." I had completely butchered this poor bush. When Shaun came home he asked me, "What happen to the bush?" I threw my hands up in the air and had to hang my head in shame. "I have no idea what happened! It all happened so fast!" We both had to laugh. The bush looked ridiculous! Shaun started to call it the Bonsai tree.

I'm happy to say that the bush has recovered nicely. Thank goodness. It was looking grim for awhile.


Sankat said...

hahaha, that's so funny! I am glad it has started looking better though.
Your flowers are beautiful!!!

Katie said...

Haha, I love that.

Oh, and I have always wanted flower boxes!