Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting my mean on

This sweet looking boy can be naughty. I know, It's hard to believe. I guess naughty is a harsh word. He's just being a little boy testing his boundaries. In an effort to make sure that he knows certain things are not o.k. to do. I've found that Max doesn't take me serious. My doctor told me that at one you should start giving time outs for 1 minute.
I've been doing this. Max thinks it's funny. When I look at him with a very serious face and a serious tone of voice. He laughs! That's right, he thinks I'm being funny. Or he doesn't listen to me and keeps doing what he's not supposed to be doing. With somethings, he'll do it even more.
It doesn't help that the daddy will laugh because Max being defiant is really quite funny. He has a really funny smirk. I think we're in trouble with this kid. Then if the daddy laughs, I do too. It's hard not to. Max is so funny.
So in an effort to get him to take me more serious. I'm trying to get, as my brother puts it, my mean on.
Let me know what you think.

This is my serious, I mean business look now. The crazed eyes as if to say, "no you didn't." and the tight lip. I can see why Max thinks I look funny! I need a better look.

How about this? Do I look mad enough? Will he take me more serious?

What about this? The cold sidewards stare. With an added finger point.

What about this look? I added a little growl to my lips.
This maybe a new sexy look for me. I'll try this out on Shaun later. ;)

I think I've got a winner. Are you ready for this look? It's really scary. I look at it and I get scared. Beware! It's really scary.

If looks could kill. I think we would all be dead for viewing this photo. I might have to hold this one for when Max grows bigger then me. Then he'll still know that I'm the mom, a.k.a the boss.

Here I am. back to normal. I don't want you to be scared anymore. :)


Chance's Mom said...

Ok, I was laughing at every mad face. So were my kids. I think you need to start again:)
Maybe if we were little and you had power to withhold food and water from us like you do Max it would be different........

Ammie said...

Great! none of my mad faces worked for you! ha! You've got to admit the last mad face was pretty good!

The only one that needs to have food withhold from them is ME! ha! I would never do that to my Max. :)

80 Porter Toes said...

I don't think you could be scary or mad if you tried, I'd laugh too! You're so cute Ammie