Monday, June 14, 2010

Terrible Thirties?

Max has started to throw a fit when I tell him no. It's almost laughable. The way he has a complete meltdown over something so ridiculous.
Then I think, what does he have to be upset about? When you really think about it. They have it good. What's the "terrible twos" all about? or talking with some friends it's........the terrible threes.
Max has decided to start a little of this early. Why? I don't get it. He has it so good.
Whenever he wakes up. I have to wake up and be there to comfort, soothe, and sweetly say, "How did you sleep sweet boy?".
He gets someone to make his meals, clean him, dress him, love him. We do most things on his time schedule. He has me to read to him, sing to him, fuss over him, AND he gets to go down for a 3 hour nap!
I carry him around, I play with him, I do so much for him. He practically has his very own maid/butler. So what's with all the fuss.

So as a joke of course. I decided that I should be able to go through the "terrible thirties." haha!
That way, when I have a complete meltdown. I can just say, "I'm going through the "terrible thirties." and everyone will nod there head in sympathy.
Then once you hit the forties. It's midlife crisis time.
Then when you're in the fifties. You can wish you were back in your thirties.
Then when you're in the sixties. The forties are looking really good.
Do you get my point?
So when you have the most power. You're too young to even remember it and really enjoy it.

All jokes aside, life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. (Gordon B. Hinckley)
enjoy the time and point you're at in your life now. You'll most likely miss it later, or discover that you really learned a lot from it and appreciate that. :)

Just so you know, If I have a fit, it's because of those "terrible thirties." If kids can get away with it then I can too. Oh wait, I'm an adult. Not the same. Dang it!

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Chance's Mom said...

We should have a day when we get to be the ones having a fit huh?
I actually faked one for the benefit of my one of my kids since they were having a tizzy over something.
All my kids ended up just watching in quiet amazement:)