Thursday, June 3, 2010

People let me tell you about my best friends

Max loves his dogs. It's really cute to see them together. They are sure to become his best friends. You'll see by the pictures that they have some great friend qualities.

getting to know Baxter

Getting to know Boston

helping to rock max in his cradle

Max can lean on them. They've got his back.
(seriously?! Max is huge in this picture! FUNNY! I love my BIG boy! Shaun thinks he looks like Voldermort. Naughty Daddy! You can't call him Voldermort, or mini me from the Austin Powers movie. haha!)

Helping to get dressed

being protective

They share secrets. "What's that Boston?"
They were probably planning this below

Come on Max! you can reach a little higher and turn the door knob. Then we're outta here.

They also let me know that they don't like it when Max cries. Whenever Max is crying really hard. The dogs start to whine and howl! It's really adorable. They get all restless and upset. The more Max cries the louder they whine and howl. It's really funny! I've wanted to catch it on video but I'm busy trying to help Max with whatever it is making him cry so hard.

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80 Porter Toes said...

That is adorable! I think dogs are the best with little kids!