Thursday, June 10, 2010

Car seat safety check

I was coming out of Wal-mart after finishing up some shopping. The greeter lady at the door told me that the fire department and police department were doing free safety car seat checks today. To the side of the building.
Great! I've been wanting to do this for a while. I want to be sure that Max's car seat was proper and safe.
I then had to disregard the fact that my car desperately needed a vacuum. There were fishy crackers, Cheerios, and who knows what else, all over the floor and car seat.
I had to think, this was about Max, not about the fact that I would have to be embarrassed by crumbs everywhere.
The fishy crackers didn't go unnoticed by the the police officers. As one of them pulled the car seat out. A bunch of fishy crackers fell to the floor. The other officer said, "hey, I wanted to save those! I'm hungry!." haha! I get it! My car could use a vacuum. ;)
I was so glad that I got the car seat checked. They checked Max in the seat when we came in and told me all the things I was doing wrong. Again, Gulp down a little bit more embarrassing juice.

This was the reason I was there. To make sure Max was safe. They then checked the car seat and made sure there were no recalls on it. Then they fixed everything right and loaded it back in the car properly. Showing me exactly how to do it all. All the while, Max was screaming in one of the officer's arms who was holding him while the other one talked to me and had me properly put in the car seat. I'm sure the officer was thrilled to be bouncing Max around and trying to get him to stop screaming. Again, It's all about Max being safe. :)
Then they gave me a booklet for future use of other car seats I could be using for Max in the future.
It feels good to know that all the things with the car seat are functioning right and that it's properly locked in the car.
I would recommend that you do this. It's nice to have a peace of mind. Hopefully, you can be prepared and vacuum out the car before you go. ;)

safety first!


Samantha F. said...
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Samantha F. said...

That is HILARIOUS! I love those spontaneous things that leave you embarrassed but are so worthwhile and important. Okay, that's a lie, I don't love them. I like an ahead-of-time notice and to be prepared ha ha. But good for you for toughing through it and making Max safe.