Saturday, May 1, 2010

A must do for all moms

Kids love toys. Kids love to spread their toys everywhere. Mom gets sick of having such a big mess of toys everywhere. Here's something that will help. I have loved this system and you will too. It's called organizing. ;)

Instead of having a couple big totes filled with all of Max's toys. I have separated them into separate bins by categories.


This has been so wonderful! I give Max one tote to play with at a time. When I think he's done playing with a certain tote. I clean up all the toys and put them back into the tote and pull out another one. This has worked out so well for us! Max loves to play with the tote themselves too! He loves to take the toys out and then put them back in. He plays great with this new system.

This makes things so much nicer. Now I don't have so many toys everywhere. Max still likes to spread them out everywhere but it's not as bad and clean-up is easy. It also makes it a lot easier to sanitize everything. I just do one individual tote at a time. It helps me to not feel so overwhelmed by toys!
Now Max plays with one thing at a time. I love it! It also makes it easier to see what he actually likes to play with. I just keep rotated the bins through out the day for him to play with.

He still has one big tote for his bigger items. This is still easy to clean-up. I'm able to keep track of everything so much better. Things don't get lost so easily now. This is a must do for all moms. I promise you will love it! It will also help to establish that you must clean up what you have been playing with before you get to play with something else. :)

Anything that helps us moms from going completely insane is a good thing! ;)

Even daddy is loving this new system. All though, yesterday, he did mix up a few of the toys and put them in the wrong tote. I then had to yell a lot and hopefully, he wont be doing that anymore. ;) lol!


br_oden said...

good system. That is what I have done. And our daddy always puts them in the wrong tote. And it doesnt work so well when the little munchkins are old enough to get their own tote or rather totes! ha ha

Chelle! said...

This is awesome!! I love this idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Tori said...

Ammie, when my kids got big enough to have clean-up time but couldn't read yet I would add a picture label on each tote so that they could tell what toys went where! PS good luck getting Daddy trained!!

Sankat said...

I would love to do that. I have thought about it, but having so many toys would require me to get a lot of buckets and a lot of space to put them in where the kids couldn't reach. I can dream though.

Soo glad to know it works for you.

Chance's Mom said...

This has nothing to do with the toy post, but as I was checking out your blog, Ammon walked up and said,"Hi Aunt Ammie. Hi Max," as he looked over my shoulder. Thought you should know.

shaun said...

thats why i love ya babe!!!

shaunandammie said...

Brittany- I can see that happening when Max gets older. I'll have to find away to put them up higher. ;)

Michelle- thank you!

Tori- That's a great idea with the pictures. thanks!

kat- with more kids I think it would be a real challenge. tons of totes and space. plus the kids would get them all messed up with each other. ;)

Taun- Tell Ammon "hi" for us. and give all those cute kids over there lots of xoxoxoxoxo!!

Shaun- What do you love? That I yell at you? lol!!