Wednesday, May 12, 2010


OK, So I'm way behind on posting my crafts from my monthly craft day. Here's the catch up post.

We made these cute little photo albums out of toilet paper rolls. Some really thrifty person was looking at her old toilet paper rolls and decided to make something out of them.

We painted shirts. I made these 3 shirts for Max. I had to do a Halloween and Christmas one. I'm such a holiday person.

I decorated some more cans. I wanted to make some to go on these sconces.

plain and boring

Much better.

Or do I like this one better. I can't decide.

I have them hanging here in my dining area. I've had the two different ones up for awhile. I might just leave them both. Adds character. ;)

With the other can that was supposed to go up to match the other sconce.
I put it here on the desk. It makes a great pen holder. or whatever I end up shoving in it to get it out of the way.

Then we decorated picture frames.

plain and boring

much better. Although I'm still not done with this. I have some more decorating to do.

I made this one for my mom for Mother's Day. It's a picture of Max with the blanket my grandmother made. (my mom's mother) who has past away.
I also like the words, inspire, love and strength, extraordinary on it. It reminds me of my mom. she is so wonderful! I love her very much!


Sankat said...

how fun!! I bet you had a blast making it's super cute!

Garth & Ashley Pedersen said...

Oh we have so much fun! I finished my frame I forgot to show you last week! I love it. And the shirts look great! I just made a couple more! Love our Craft Days!

Just Jenne said...

Amy Woffinden Maher!!! How are you? I found your blog off of Mackenzie's and I love it. You are a very talented gal. Give your mom and dad hugs for us next time y ou see those wonderful people. Are you on facebook?
Love, Jenne

shaunandammie said...

Jenne! HI! So good to hear from you! I am on FB. I'll try and find you. :)