Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun with water color

You'll need food coloring, water bottles, and water. I tried to find some smaller, clear water bottles and couldn't find any. So we had to use the big bottles. I had to help Max squirt out the colors. He thought it was really fun to have the water spray out.
Max's favorite thing about this activity was the bottles. He was loving the colors in each. I'm finding that Max is more of an engineer brain then an artistic one. He's more into, and good at, building, stacking, and constructing things. Maybe that's more of a boy thing? I don't know.

He doesn't like to color, He LOVES the crayons and loves to line them up and bring them to me one at a time so I can tell him what color it is and then he studies them and loves to stack then back into the box.

Back to our water color activity and Max's love for the colors in each bottle.

We've got RED




I had some plain computer paper that I was spraying the colors onto. Then I discovered that it was a lot cooler to spray the colors onto the garbage bags I had laid out to protect the table. I was loving the little pools of colored bubbles. I thought it was pretty cool looking. You would also get some added purples and oranges when the spray of each color would mix.

How about YELLOW now mom?

Max was trying to spray the bottles on his own. Maybe, with some practice he might be able to do it. We need some smaller handles. I'll have to show him how he can do it with two hands and some practice.

Touching the little bubbles of color

Still more fascinated with the colored bottles. :)

You could do a lot of different fun things with these colored water bottles. I know Max and I will be experimenting with them. It's a fun thing for both Max and I to experiment and discover with. :)

I also found this really great website It has a lot of fun activities and ideas for play and learning. You should check it out and have some fun with your child.

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