Sunday, February 6, 2011

Measuring cups in the tub

I wanted to share another idea I've gotten from reading about child development and the brain.
Young children learn through play, so they had a great idea about giving your child measuring cups and spoons to play with in the bathtub.
I have to tell you Max loves playing with the measuring cups in the bath tub. He loves to put them under the faucet as the tub fills up and to pour the water on himself or on his other tubby toys. He really likes it when I get in the tub with him and he can pour the water all over me, especially my head and my now protruding belly. :)
He also likes for me to put the soap on him and then let him wash the soap off by filling his measuring cups up and washing the soap off himself.
The measuring cups and spoons should all be the same color so that the child is learning more about the depth of each one and how they are different in the amount of water they can hold.
I also want to get him a strainer and a watering can to add to his froggy, ducky, shark, and measuring cups. ;)

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