Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's not a bedroom, It's a bed(s)room

Having a pregnant belly means needing a lot of space on the bed. A pillow in front of me to support my belly and a pillow behind me to support my back. To make this all possible and comfortable for me, Shaun has been sleeping in the guest bed.

Then I was finding that I don't like to sleep without Shaun next to me. It's hard to fall asleep and when I wake up in the night (many times being pregnant), I find I can't relax and go back to sleep.
I need the calmness that Shaun brings to me. My very own Shaunie security bear. ;)

I was expressing all this to Shaun, so when I was gone working the other night for 5 hours. I came home to a surprise. Shaun had moved the dressers from our bedroom into another room, rearranged things, and made it possible to fit the guest bed into our room next to our bed. haha!
So now we have a bed(s)room, so I can have all the room I need on our bed to be comfortable and still have Shaun with me in the room.
At first, I was a little hesitate about the change. Then Shaun said, "you want to sleep don't you? and I want you to be able to sleep and be comfortable."
It's true, It's been a nice set-up for the last few nights. I'm sleeping a lot better. :)


Sankat said...

hahaha, that is so funny....and cute! What a sweet husband.

Chance's Mom said...

What a man!