Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love for my man

How do you not have love for a man who does the dishes and let's your son help? EVEN after he's the one who made dinner! Don't they look adorable? YES! He always let's Max help.
Shaun is always such a big help to me, especially, when I'm pregnant. He's an amazing dad and I think Me, Max, and Easton are so lucky to have him. Also, the lucky girls that will marry Max and Easton one day, because hopefully they will follow in their dads footsteps and see how well he treats me and they will do the same with their wives. What lucky ladies! :)
I love you Shaun. Thank you for being one of the most unselfish people I know.


Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

So sweet! I love your kitchen by the way!

Chance's Mom said...

A daddy with his little ones is so precious. Shaun is a great daddy.