Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bunko Diva's

I had a great time with my Bunko Diva's at our slumber party! It was great for us moms, to get away and........ pig out on junk food, paint toenails, play games, swim, make hair bows, stay up late (4:30am!) , and have tons of LAUGHS and FUN!!
We stayed at the pointe hilton squaw peak resort. We had a two bedroom casita. It was so nice to get away, and have girl playtime.
We get together every third Tuesday night of the month. We have dinner, talk, and play bunko. Then we decided we needed a girls getaway. This was our first one. It will now be an annual getaway every August. I think we need more! :)
Laurie made us the cute T-shirts, that have, Bunko Diva written on them, with some added bling.
We don't get to be Diva's very often. It was fun, even for only a night. ;)

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girltrapped said...

soooo fun...we laughed like that all night, didn't we? we have a great group of friends - love them all!!