Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Museum of Natural History

ROAR! That's what we heard as we walked through the Museum of Natural History. DINOSAURS! As you were walking through the exhibits, the loud dinosaur roar would come over the speakers.
We had a good family time at the Museum together. Here's some of what you can see and do at the Museum.

You can see how tiny you are compared to this Mammoth beast.

Watch out for T-rex. I'm sure he bites.

You can touch a real fossil. A femur bone. HUGE!

"mom, are you sure it's safe up here?"

You can climb a lot of stairs.
Which Max was loving. I think it was his favorite exhibit. ;)

You can see dinosaurs enjoying themselves by a big waterfall. I'm assuming they would enjoy this sort of thing. Although, usually the water hole is not a good place if you're the prey.
Max was loving the waterfall. Another one of his favorite things.

You can put together dinosaur puzzles.

You can step into the wild west.

You can act real goofy behind a green screen.

I say this because we put Max in front of the screen and then Shaun and I would go behind it (like you see Shaun doing in the picture) Then you put the green blanket over you and you disappear. So Shaun and I, thinking we're in our own family world, were playing peek-a-boo with Max. In our full on baby talk antics. I didn't think anything of this until a lady came up to us and said, "Your little boy is so cute. He has wonderful parents." haha! People were watching Shaun and I acting totally goofy to make Max laugh. We were in our own little world. The things we do to make our kids smile.
I also love the random kid in the photo. He wanted to join us. We were having fun being goofy.

You can pan for gold

You can ride a big orange turtle.

Max had fun exploring and playing, with plenty of stairs and open places to run around. I was a little disappointed because they have an exploration station that has a bunch of hands on activities for kids. It was closed when we went. But as you can see, we still had a great time. :)

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Fun!!! Did you find any gold? Bidz