Sunday, August 15, 2010

phrase of the week

Dogs are hairy. Therefore, they shed. Check out what Shaun did to our furry Baxter. I'm having mixed feelings about it. His fluff ball appearance is so lovable. Then again, having his hair everywhere is gross and annoying.


Notice the way Max can hold on to his fluffy mane.


Seriously? He looks like a sick cat or something. It's worse in person. He looks like he lost 40 pounds. Not to mention totally emasculated. You can tell he's not fond of his new hair due.
Even the tail. That nice bushy tail. gone.
Shaun also shaved Boston. He looks fine. He's stocky with thick muscle, and had short hair anyway.
Poor Baxter. The good thing for him is now Max can't get a nice fist full of hair and pull. Which he likes to do.
His hair will grow back, so for now, I will enjoy the lack of hair everywhere. Then he can be our fluff ball again, and then, when we're sick of hair, he'll be shaved again.
We came up with a nickname for Baxter's new alter-ego, Mr. bigglesworth. That's what Shaun's been calling him because I told him he looks like a sick cat. So he thought of the cat from Austin Powers.
So, the phrase of the week is...... Mr. bigglesworth. My poor Mr. bigglesworth. I think I need to come up with a new nickname. How humiliating for a dog to be nicknamed after a cat!
Any suggestions for a nickname? ;)

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Chance's Mom said...

How about the nickname of,"Hey, I have absolutely no control how my humans choose to amuse themselves. Now, I have lost all sense of identity and will likely need counseling to recover?"
Actually, he may just like having less hair with the heat. Maybe he has to look like he is peeved to save face but deep inside, he feels cool and free.