Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We all know that the library is a quite zone right? NOT When you have a little Max with you. I don't know why I subject myself to such torture. I guess, I'm trying to be a good mom. I want to go and check out some good books for him and help him gain a love for reading.
The thing is, Max wants to do everything else at the library besides read. He loves to read at home and enjoys books. Then we go to the library and he wants nothing to do with books, except knock them down off the shelves. He wants to be free to run around. Not only run around but climb up and down the stairs, try to figure out the elevator, climb on all the chairs and on top of the tables, and screech in very loud baby talk/screams.
Then he yells and throws fits when I go and pull him down from the tables, or stop him from destroying the book displays, or pull him away from the elevator and stairs. He's not listening to me. He wants to do what he wants to do. Again, why do I subject myself to this embarrassing display of my child not listening to me? and running everywhere?

I try and distract him in the kid section where they have little tables with puzzles on them for the kids to play with. Then I hurry and try to go through some books and get some good ones that he can learn from and enjoy.
Instead Max climbs on top of the table and throws one by one all the pieces to the puzzle on the ground, including the puzzle board. letting out a loud squeal with each piece as he throws them to the ground.
I keep having to run over to him. pulling him down, trying to get him to stay and focus on something long enough for me to speed through books and find some that will be age appropriate and of learning value. My fingers are working at their fastest flipping through the books.
One time when we went, a little girl was sitting quietly reading at the kid table. Then a long came a spider (Max) and sat down beside her, actually, he tried to sit on her lap. I had to avert that situation. Then he started throwing everything off the table including all the puzzles pieces and boards. I've gotten pretty good at cleaning up those puzzles. Trying to have Max help me clean them up. Which he does start to help me with and then.......he's off again.
About the little girl at the table. Who I can tell is fully disgusted by Max and his inability to sit and be quiet. She runs over to her dad and in a angry whisper says, "This is the library and he's throwing things on the ground and not being quite." To which the dad explains, "It's really hard for little boys his age to be quite." I smiled to myself and agreed. I don't think the little girl was satisfied with this answer though.
The problem is, it's really, really hot outside. So Max doesn't get enough outside running around time. The library is close by to our house. So we go there and Max is hyped up, stimulated, and Max being a mover and an explorer anyway. Who loves other kids! You put all this together and it's madness.
The worst part is trying to check out. Which includes me trying to juggle Max in one arm while he cries, wiggles, and throws a fit to be let down so he can go seek, play, discover, and destroy. Trying to scan my books for check out is nothing short of a miracle. I just keep my head down and try not to look at everyone who by now, is probably staring in my direction. So embarrassing!
I'm waiting for the time when I go to the library and there's a picture of Max and I with the caption, "DO NOT LET IN, THIS IS A QUITE ZONE." ;)

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