Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Painting on the wall

This painting will always hang in our home. It's very special to us and reminds us of a special time with cherished memories.
Let me tell you how we got this painting and why it means so much to Shaun and I. We heard about a high end furniture store that was going out of business. We decided to go check it out. Some people told us it had some amazing framed art. Everything was really discounted.
As Shaun and I made our way through the store looking at a lot of very nice things. Beautiful things. We came across this painting. Shaun saw it first and called me over to look at it. I fell in love with it. We both did. We knew we wanted it. Why?
Because it reminded us of New England. We both thought about our honeymoon. The picture reminded me of the coast of Maine the most. Right on the ocean. Where we stayed. We went to Boston, Vermont and up the coast of New Hampshire and Maine. Loved it!

The couple in the painting is really Shaun and I. At least that's the way we see it. ;)

Here's what I wrote in my scrapbook:

The view from our room was beautiful!
It was March so Shaun and I put the
heat on high and pulled the windows up
so we could hear the ocean waves crashing
all night. It was amazing!
We had such an incredible time.
We drove up the coast of Maine and also
visited New Hampshire, Vermont, and Boston.
We had so much fun together.
I will always love this place for it really
was special and will always mean so much to me.

The view from our room in Maine

Thank you New England for so many wonderful memories. I do love you. Shaun and I later got to live in New Hampshire. For a short time. New England is such a beautiful place.
I miss it. The history, the landscape, the ocean...*sigh*...I love it!
Boston, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. I will be back to see you!


Samantha F. said...

That is such a cute story and a very meaningful painting. That's really awesome. It looks like you two in the painting as well.

Chance's Mom said...

What a beautiful painting. I can see you and Shaun in there too:)